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What are Blissidys?

Blissidys are wearable floral art with reusable silicone adhesives. Each
one is lovingly, handcrafted in the U.S.A. with radiant colors and
top-tier designs. We are more than a pastie. We are a new and creative
fashion accessory meant to let people express their own authentic style
and energy.

Who is Blissidys?

Blissidys is a woman owned company founded from love and passion that
has set out on a journey to encourage women through style and comfort to
feel confident, beautiful, and blissful. Blissidys bring women a bold
new look for any occasion that requires a fun, unique style.

Handcrafted with Quality

All the materials have been hand selected and tested, designed with
comfort, style, and durability in mind.

Our high end designs include velvets, exotic skins, silk organza,
metallics, iridescent and more.

Why we love Blissidys ….

  • ¬†Fashionable, festive, and flirty¬†based on YOUR vibe
  • ¬†Premium silicone adhesion
  • ¬†Hypoallergenic
  • ¬†Reusable with proper care : (20+ wears)
  • ¬†Handcrafted in the USA
  • ¬†Super comfortable and secure
  • ¬†A variety of styles to choose from
  • ¬†Made for all shapes and sizes.