Signature Collection

Looking to create a special look? Our signature collection has a style for every facet of your life - day, night, play or tease! Explore and express!
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Palm Springs blissidys
L - 5", M - 4.25"

Palm Springs

The Palm Springs are the most playful in our signature collection. Designed with free spirited and fun colors in mind, these 100% velvet Blissidys are comfortable yet luxurious.  These double layered designer...
Dubai blissidys
L - 5”, S/M - 3.75"


The Dubai is a staple in our signature collection. These designer nipple covers named after the upscale, luxurious, trendsetting city of Dubai, will make your outfits jaw dropping. This radiant silver...
San Diego blissidys
L - 5", S/M - 3.75"

San Diego

The San Diego is the most subtle designer nipple cover in our signature collection.  It's black on black design is the elegant quality you expect from Blissidys. The jet black hexagon pattern...
Saint Thomas blissidys
L - 5", S/M - 3.75"

Saint Thomas

The St Thomas is the sapphire in our signature collection. The blue represents royalty and these designer nipple covers will have you feeling like a Queen or a Princess. Unique in color...
Charlotte blissidys
L - 5", M - 4.25", S - 3.5"


The Charlotte is one of the more feminine styles in our collection. They are made of 100% velvet for a pure luxurious feel. If you're a deva who thinks pink, then...
Barbados blissidys
L - 5", S/M - 3.75"


The Barbados is a true favorite from our signature collection. These designer nipple covers are the ultimate showstopper. The color is bold in an iridescent lavender, and just sparkles across the...
Cairo blissidys
L - 5", S/M - 4.25”


The Cairo are the most versatile designer nipple covers from our signature collection. Designed in black, these can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe. The Preciosa crystals give...
Iceland blissidys
L - 5", S/M - 3.75"


The Iceland is a magical part of our signature collection. A top tier design, with iridescent color and premium crystals, is for the lady who loves to sparkle. The Iceland gives Unicorn...
Houston blissidys
M - 4.25”, L - 5"


The Houston, a favorite of our founder, is one of the funnest designs in our signature collection.  A cowgirl at heart, these have a personal touch.  Made from Faux Cowhide, and topped with...